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The league Li'l Sambas - Saturday 9am- Age 6 & 7 () is no longer available. We suggest the following league instead.

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Shirt, Shorts and Socks

Fall Outdoor Registration Now Open

The pre-sale for returning players is now open. We have frozen the per-session price for returning players, at $110 for the fall session until Wednesday 28th of July.

We have enjoyed an incredible first-ever session of Li'l Sambas. Our Spring session (which eventually became the summer session due to COVID-19 restrictions) saw over 300 kids join us each week. We are continuing with our late summer/early fall session, kicking off in August 2021.

You can find a gallery of photos from the first session on the Footy Sevens facebook page.

A one-off uniform purchase of $28 (+HST) is required on initial registration for Wee Copas, Li'l Sambas, and Tangos Programs. The Li'l Sambas' uniform purchase consists of the team shirt, shorts and socks and can be used for all future seasons. Returning players who already have a uniform do not have to add it to their purchase.

Our Street Soccer Programs do not require the purchase of a uniform.

One time kit purchase for Li'l Sambas. New participants must purchase the Li'l Sambas kit. Returning players can use kit from previous session and do not have to purchase a new kit.

$28.00 + TAX

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