Footy For All want to work with the community and help bring soccer to more kids in Ottawa. We’d love to hear more from you on how we can do that.

  • Can your community group nominate an individual or individuals in need?
  • Can we help you get your volunteer hours for high school and learn more about sports management?
  • Are you interested in sponsoring a local community soccer program?

Community Spaces Available

We want to have a number of spaces in our classes available for families of kids needing some extra help and support. We are seeking local charities and organizations to make sure these spaces go to the kids who need it most. You can get in touch at

Sponsor Kids to Play

FootyForAll will be making a number of spaces available to local charities and community groups free of charge. However, we could also help even more kids with additional sponsorship. We’d love to work with local companies and individuals to fund more kids to play more soccer.

Here are some potential sponsorship opportunities:

  • Sponsor the registration fees for an individual child or group of children
  • Buy naming rights to a program or group of programs
  • Advertise at the brand new soccer facility.
  • Shirt sponsorship for participants
  • Leave a permanent legacy and advertisement by sponsoring the installation of scoreboard

We’re sure you can think of many more. For these and any other ideas, please get in touch! Contact us at to discuss these or any other sponsorship opportunities.

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