General Information for Li'l Sambas Spring Programs
19 April 2023 @ 3:24 AM by Chris Surgeoner

General Information about Li'l Sambas Spring Programs

The programs begin on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of April.

  • Double-check that you are registered to the correct programs: log into the website and click on "My Programs" in the top menu and you can view your program details (on a cellphone it is the button that says "Top" to drop down the top menu). If you believe you are registered for the wrong age group or time let me know.
  • Important reminder for Wee Copas (pre-school age-group): A parent must be on the field with their kids at all times for the Wee Copas program.
  • Other than those parents, we ask that all parents and spectators watch from OUTSIDE the fence for at least the first couple of weeks. There is a grassy hill that provides a good spectating area. We appreciate your help with this, it helps to reduce the amount of people around the field.
  • Update on game times for the Sunday morning house league: The 6-7s groups will always play at 9.45, the 8-9s teams will play at 10.30am and the 10-11s and 12-13 will play at either 10.30 or 11.15. each Sunday. This only applies to the Sunday league games. 

General Information for all sessions and age-groups

If you are continuing from the current session most of this will be familiar to you, and you can probably skip the remainder of this e-mail.


There is loads of free parking at the school. There are spaces immediately on your right-hand side as you turn into the school grounds and a large car park at the top of the small incline beside the field and two other huge lots behind the school,

You may not park or wait on the access road between the entrance and the main car park as this causes congestion and creates a safety issue by blocking the view of other drivers at a time when there are a lot of kids and parents coming in and out. Any parents continually infringing this will be asked to leave the program


The location is the field at Immaculata High School, 140 Main Street click here for map etc.

Washrooms are available, they are inside the school and can be accessed from the doors opposite the gate at the middle of the field. Once inside the building, they are to your right (down the stairs/ramp)

If you are driving the only access to the car parks is from Main Street (the entrance is next to the Subway sandwich shop). Please remember that Main Street has a well-used cycle lane that runs alongside it - please be careful as you enter or exit the school and do an extra shoulder check for cyclists. There is no vehicle access from the Echo Drive/canal side of the school, but you can walk or cycle onto the campus from there.


If you already have your uniform from one of our earlier sessions, you are good to go.

If this is your first time in the program and you have purchased a uniform, the uniform consists of shirt, shorts and socks and you will be able to try the sizes against your child to get the best fit. We have a wide range of sizes available.

Uniform Pickup - You will be able able to pick up your uniform at the first session. If our full stock of uniforms arrives in time, we will organise a uniform pickup a couple of days before the start of the program to reduce congestion on the day.


You should purchase shin-guards for your little ones if they don't have them already.

If they already have soccer cleats, or you want to purchase them, great. However, if they don't have them, they will be absolutely fine with their regular running shoes or tennis shoes too.

Other than that, all they need are the basic things you would need for any program: a water bottle (prefilled), sweater or sun hat and sunscreen as required.

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