Li'l Sambas - Fall Session Start Date, Uniform and Equipment
24 August 2021 @ 2:18 AM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

You are receiving this e-mail because you are registered for the fall session of our Li'l Sambas soccer programs.

If you are new to the program: welcome! If you are continuing from the spring/summer session that just finished, you can probably skip the rest of this e-mail as the uniform and equipment information is the same as last session.

Start Date

The fall programs will start on FRIDAY AUGUST 27th, and SATURDAY AUGUST 28th at their respective times.

Uniform and Equipment

The two most common questions we've been getting over the past few days have been about when you will receive the uniform and what equipment do they need/would we recommend.


You will be able to pick up your uniform at the field, half an hour before your first session. Just come to Main Street entrance to the field and we will give you your uniform.

The uniform consists of shirt, shorts and socks and you will be able to try the sizes against your child to get the best fit.

If you have not already purchased the uniform package for your child at the time of registration, you can add it by selecting "shirt, shorts and socks" in the drop-down menu on the registration page. If you took part in the spring/summer session and already have a uniform, you do not need to purchase another one, you can use the same uniform.


You should purchase shin-guards for your little ones if they don't have them already.

If they already have soccer cleats, or you want to purchase them, great. However, if they don't have them, they will be absolutely fine with their regular running shoes or tennis shoes too.

Other than that, all they need are the basic things you would need for any program: water bottle (prefilled, we do not have access to a water source or bathrooms while the school building is off-limits), mask (a mask will not be required while playing), sunscreen, sun hat or sweater if required for the weather.

We look forward to meeting you all later this week,

The Li'l Sambas Team

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