Li'l Sambas. Important Information: uOttawa Closed Until End of January
20 December 2021 @ 2:11 AM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

Firstly, this is a reminder that there is no session of Li'l Sambas tomorrow (Saturday 18th December).

We also received word today that uOttawa will close their athletics facilities (including the dome) from tonight at midnight until the 31st of JANUARY. Unfortunately, that means that, as it stands, the program is on hold until Saturday, February 5th.

We fully intend to complete the program. If for any reason we can't, there will be a prorated refund for any weeks that we are not able to offer.

As of right now, we will complete the 8 weeks of the program. It will now resume on Feb 5th and run until March 12th. This may change once we get an update on whether the province introduces other measures or closures, whether or not other facilities close down and are available and if this shut down is extended or shortened.

We'll send another update after Christmas, once we have been able to get some more information and clarification,

Take care, everyone,

Happy Holidays,

The Li'l Sambas Team.




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