Li'l Sambas Spring Sessions and House League Open for Registration
1 March 2022 @ 11:09 AM by Chris Surgeoner

We have opened registration for our Li'l Sambas Developmental Programs for Spring 2022 as well as our new Sunday House League Program.

Li'l Sambas Developmental Sessions for Spring 2022 Now Online 

We've just posted the Friday evening and Saturday morning developmental sessions (similar to those we had in summer and fall last year). These spring programs will run from May 6th to June 25th at Immaculata High School.

You can find the details and registration on the front page of the Li'l Sambas website.

Our second winter session (beginning in March) is also still open for registration.

New League Style Programs for ages 6-12 Coming Soon

We have also just added more "league" based programs for 6-11 year-olds this spring. These programs will be on Sunday mornings at Immaculata and they are online and open for registration now. These differ from our developmental programs. There is no coaching involved on Sundays (other than some on-field help and guidance from each team's coach), just a weekly 45-minute game against one of the other teams in the program.

Register for as few or as many nights as you like

We know kids' sports can sometimes be intense in Canada and that necessarily isn't the best fit for every parent. We are hoping to give you the opportunity to almost "build-your-own program" with a range of start times and options. For some kids a combination of the developmental program on a Friday with a league game on a Sunday might be the best fit, for some, it might be just a developmental session (or two), for some just a league session each week. As always multiple age groups are offered at the same time to make it as easy as possible for those of you with multiple children of different ages.

Summer Camps - Coming Soon

We are also hoping to be able to offer our first ever summer camps this year, more details will follow when we have ironed out a few additional details.


The Li'l Sambas Team



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