Li'l Sambas - Update on weather, end date and winter.
24 September 2021 @ 4:12 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick reminder that practices are still on tonight and tomorrow unless we have thunder and lightning.

The forecast is for cloudy with showers this evening, and I've just had a look at the weather radar and it looks like a rain cloud might be passing through right around the 6pm session, so I thought I'd remind you all that we are not sticklers for uniforms, etc for the kids. Dress them in whatever they feel comfortable and want to play in. I'm sure some of them might want to wear long pants or a sweater or light rain jackets if it is cold or wet in any of the last few sessions. That is absolutely fine.

3 practices to go

I've had a couple of e-mails from people double-checking on the end date, and just to confirm, the remaining sessions are:

  • Fridays: Sept 24th (tonight), Oct 1st, Oct 8th (last session)
  • Saturdays: Sept 25th (tomorrow), Oct 2nd, Oct 9th (last session)

Fall/Winter Indoor

We still don't have a definitive update on whether or not we will be able to hold an indoor program through the winter. We still hope to, but are still awaiting more information from the indoor fields and facilities about capacities and availability at the times we would need.

Sorry, we don't have anything more definitive than that, but hopefully, we will be able to let you know by next weekend,

Have a great weekend,

The Li'l Sambas Team



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