Reminder: All sessions are on this weekend
19 May 2022 @ 7:42 AM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

For kids registered in the Spring (May/June session)

This is just a quick reminder that Wee Copas, Li'l Sambas and Tangos age groups are all on this weekend as normal. The Sunday morning house league session is on as normal too.

Unfortunately the socks for the uniforms are still missing in transit and we won't have them this Saturday.

For participants registered for the Summer (July and August) session.

If you have registered for the July and August sessions, I have not allocated players to their requested timeslot yet. I am currently out of town for a week and will do that on my return. Everyone will be at their requested timeslot.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Chris and the L'il Sambas team.


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