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Li'l Sambas Spring Ages 3-12 - Fridays
Spring 2024
Boys and Girls

Li'l Sambas Spring and Summer Programs 2024

  • Development Program - Fridays -  Available for ages 3 to 12. 5:45pm and 6.30pm sessions
  • Development Program - Saturdays -  Available for ages 3 to 12. 9.00am and 9.45am sessions.
  • House League - Sundays (8 sessions) - Available for grades 1 to 7. 9.45 or 10.30am

All programs take place at Immaculata High School Turf Field (140 Main Street)

Add-on the house league for half-price: If your child wants to play in both the Development Program (Friday or Saturday) and the House League on Sundays, you can add on the house league for half of the price (only $80 each season) if you add it at the time of registration. Just register for any Friday or Saturday Developmental programs and select "House League Add-On" when checking out and you will automatically only be charged $80 for each season of the house league. Please note, the house league is only available for Grades 1 to 7

Currently Available for Registration:

  • Spring Development Program (May 3/4-June 21/22nd)
  • Spring House League (May 5-June 23rd)
  • Summer Development Program (July 5/6 to August 23/24th)
  • Summer House League (July 7-August 25th)
  • Summer Camps (4 weeks to choose from)

Update April 11th 2024: All of the programs at 5:45pm on Fridays have sold out. We still have spaces remaining in our development programs at 6:30pm on Fridays and on Saturdays at 9am or 9:45am as well as our girls development program and our Sunday house league..

Developmental Recreational Soccer Program

Give your kids the best possible start in the game - a new concept in children's soccer programs in Ottawa.

Our core principles will be adapted to each age level to give an unrivaled start in the game for both beginners and kids with a little experience. Although development will be the goal, we'll never lose sight of the importance of fun in every session. The more fun the kids are having, the more they are engaged and the more engaged they are the more they learn. Each session combines physical literacy, practice and team games.

For the WEE COPAS age group (2018,19 & 20 births), we have a parent/child portion to the program. We have found that the kids working directly with a parent under the instruction of a coach at that age group helps to accelerate their development and the kids get more out of the program. A parent (or guardian) will be on the field with each participant during the physical literacy and practice sections of each session. It won't take any specialist coaching knowledge, our head coach will be instructing the parents and the kids, but it will help to keep the little ones focused and more able to pick it up when they have a familiar face working with them. If you have any questions about this aspect of the Wee Copas program, email us at admin@lilsambassoccer.com

In the JABULANIS age group (2016 & 17 births), the kids are participating without their parents, working closely in small groups with our coaches across a series of "stations" each week. Each station presents them with a different challenge to take on and a different skill to master

Our TANGOS development programs (2014 & 15 births) are developmental programs more focused on working on skills with our coaches. More of these sessions are devoted to small-sided games mixed in with drills to continue the kids' development as they get older.

Our final age group, the AZTECAS (2011, 12 & 13 births) focuses almost entirely on training within small-sided games, developing and being coached as they play. Aztecas is only offered at 6.30pm on Fridays.

Please note:  a one-time uniform fee of $33 +HST is required with your first sign-up. The uniform consists of shirt, shorts and socks and can be used for all future programs and sessions. The uniform fee will NOT be required for any future sign-ups after the first, unless a new uniform is required

3 May 2024 - 22 Jun 2024; 8 Sessions ; 45 Minutes ;
Choose from 5.45pm (SOLD OUT) or 630pm
Skill Development / Games
Boys & Girls; Open to Everyone!
Immaculata High School; 140 Main St.; FIFA Grade Turf; Floodlights
3-13 year olds; Year of Birth: 2011-2020
$160 + TAX; One time uniform purchase required for 1st registraton

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