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Sunday Morning House League - Fall 2023 (September & October)
Fall League 2023
Indoor + Outdoor
Boys and Girls

Available Winter Programs - December to February 2022/23

All programs take place at Ottawa University's Lees Dome.

Add-on the house league for one-third of the price: If your child wants to play in both the Development Program and the House League on Saturdays, you can add on the house league for one-third of the price (only $75) if you add it at the time of registration. Just register for any Saturday Developmental programs and select "House League Add-On" when checking out and you will automatically only be charged $75 for the house league. Please note, the house league is only available for ages 6 to 10 during the winter seasons.

The development programs and house league games are both on Saturday mornings. If your child is registered for both the house league and development programs, they will be played back to back over 90-minutes, from 9:00am until 10.30am (a 45-minute development session and a 45-minute house league session).

Li'l Sambas Sunday House League

This is a league program, with each team playing one of the other teams in the program each week.

2021 saw the launch of our Li'l Sambas Developmental program for kids aged 4-10. We were taken aback by how popular it proved to be, with over 400 kids joining us at Immaculata High School in Fall 2022. As well as the developmental sessions for ages 4-10, we've also added a Sunday house league program for grades 1 to 7.

Whereas our developmental programs are mainly based on skill development and drills, the house league revolves around getting on the field and playing. No drills, no practices just a weekly soccer game on the top-quality turf field at Immaculata although each team will have their own coach on the field with them giving them pointers and making sure every kid is involved.

Please note: our house league programs are only available for Grades 1 to 8. The age groups are:

  • Grade 1 and 2 (birth years 2016 & 17): Sunday House League age 6/7 - Game times 9.45 am
  • Grade 3 & 4 (birth years 2014 & 15): Sunday House League age 8/9 - Game times 10.30 am
  • Grade 5 & 6:(birth years 2011, 12 & 13): Sunday House League age 10/11 - Game times either 10.30am or 11.15 am TBC

10 Sep 2023 - 5 Nov 2023; 8 Sessions ; 45 Minutes ;
Kick-Offs 9.45, 10.30am or 11.15am
Weekly League Game
Boys & Girls; Open to Everyone!
Immaculata High School; 140 Main St. (Outdoor) and RA Centre; 2451 Riverside Dr. (Indoor); FIFA Grade Turf; Floodlights
2011 to 2017 Births; Year of Birth: 2010-2017
$149 + TAX; One time uniform purchase required for 1st registraton

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