Li'l Sambas - There are games tonight and tomorrow
3 September 2021 @ 12:09 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

We had a couple of calls from people asking if the program was running tonight and tomorrow, so I just thought I'd send out a quick note to make sure that everyone knew that it is on tonight (Sept 3rd) and tomorrow (Sept 4th).

If you have not picked up your uniform yet and it is your first session tonight, you can get it at the field from about 30 mins before the program starts.

And if any of you didn't receive the welcome e-mails, you can find the information below.

Fall/Winter Indoor Season

I've had a few questions about indoor seasons through the winter. We are planning to run through the winter if a suitable venue can be found, but things are a little up in the air with domes and gyms etc at the moment, so bear with us. As soon as we have something concrete one way or the other, we will send an email out to let everyone know, and have a pre-sale for our current participants if we have a suitable venue.

Have a great weekend,

The Li'l Sambas Team


Just in case anyone missed it, or registered after we sent it, here is the link to the welcome e-mail we sent out earlier this week, along with some additional information on where to go at the field.

What will happen when you arrive for your first session.

The location is the field at Immaculata High School, 140 Main Street click here for map etc.

If you are driving the only access to the car parks is from Main Street (the entrance is next to the Subway sandwich shop). Please remember that Main Street has a well-used cycle lane that runs alongside it - please be careful as you enter or exit the school and do an extra shoulder check for cyclists). There is no vehicle access from the Echo Drive/canal side of the school, but you will be able to walk or cycle onto the campus from there.


There is loads of free parking at the school. There are spaces immediately on your right-hand side as you turn into the school grounds and a large car park at the top of the small incline beside the field and two other huge lots behind the school,

You may not park or wait on the access road between the entrance and the main car park as this causes congestion and creates a safety issue by blocking the view of other drivers at a time when there are a lot of kids and parents coming in and out. Any parents continually infringing this will be asked to leave the program. 

Field Entrance and Exit - Important

All participants will be entering via the gate on the Main Street end of the field. After the practice, children will be exiting by the gate in the middle of the field at the school side. This is important to maintain separation between the participants leaving from one hour and those arriving for the next. We are still being cautious with COVID awareness and to reduce the number of children entering and exiting in the same place at the same time.

We will allow the next group of players onto the field when the previous group has left. Parents should make their way to the middle gate as the sessions end to collect their children.

We appreciate your patience while waiting and being prompt to exit the field area with your children to allow the next group of participants to start.

We would also ask parents to observe social distancing while waiting to enter and exit and while spectating.

We look forward to meeting you all this weekend,

The Li'l Sambas Team


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